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How to Properly Maintain Your Locks

How to Properly Maintain Your Locks
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Door locks play a pivotal role in keeping the home secure, especially the ones outside that are exposed to various elements of nature. Keeping them clean and tidy is very important so that they work well all year round. Let's discuss a few tips that will help keep your locks in tip-top shape always.

Caring for your locks

How to Properly Maintain Your LocksScratches are the most common damage faced by locks. While you cannot fully avoid scratching, it is always good to be careful while placing keys inside and take care not to scratch them. Dirt and grime tend to build up inside quickly if you live in a dust prone area and use locks frequently. The best way to maintain them is to remove the dust with soft cloth dipped in a mild soap solution and then wipe it dry later. Never use any harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions as they can corrode the surface.

Sticky locks are a common problem faced by homeowners and the only way to prevent this is to ensure that dirt does not accumulate. This will make opening and closing it somewhat hard and it may even freeze. Use a mild lubricant to spray into the lock and it might help. Even while lubricating remember that only certain parts like the latch and bearing of the latch and twist button should be touched. Avoid using graphite powder as it can disrupt the internal mechanism, and the lock might completely refuse to open or close. Our professionals at Locksmiths use graphite powder in some cases only while reassembling the cylinder and that too in small proportions just to ensure that the components inside function smoothly.

Older locks are best left in the hands of our professional locksmiths as they know how to open it and check all parts like the hinges, case, strike plates, cylinders and handles among others. This will help in improving the lifespan of a lock and ensure that it works efficiently and effectively always.

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